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Who, What, Where and When...
Facilitated by...
Award Winning Business Growth Coach and Mentor, Paul Avins
Our Big Thinking Members...
12 Business Entrapeneurs who are want to 10X their businesses business results while helping other business owners to do the same.

No competing industries, but all with a turnover of £500k+ and a Vision to SCALE their business in the next 12/24 Months.

Membership is by through an application call with Paul followed by an in person visit to meet other members at a Growth Day or Meeting.

The Venue...
Doubletree by Hilton Oxford Belfry
Milton Common
Nr Thame
Oxon, OX9 2JW
The Dates...
We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, except in April when we run a 2-day Marketing Summit, August and September when we run our now famous 4-day Leadership, Growth and Sales Retreat in Spain.
Paul and David Hyner at the December Meeting
The F12 Mastermind  - A Quick Overview

If your goal is to join a proven business mastermind, run by one the UK's top business coaches and packed with the top business owners who’ll push you to new heights then you’re in the right place 

F12 Mastermind is run by Paul Avins, a global award winning business coach, author and entrepreneur, who has over 15 years of experience helping businesses like yours to grow. By joining an F12 Mastermind group, you’ll be working with Paul and up to 11 other 
non competing business owners who are all focused on one thing – achieving SCALABLE growth quickly. 

We attract members from a wide variety of industries, its what we found adds the most value, an outside perspective.
Our members include a dynamic art gallery owner, the UK's top tax accountant, video marketing moguls, commercial property investors, award winning garden design guru’s, care at home innovators, the industry leading bodyshop owner, a printing powerhouse, children's care home leaders, owners of a chain of opticians, a revolutionary recruitment business, innovative IFA's as well as seasoned 
Managing Directors  we have coached and help to grow in our Masterminds over the years. 

Let me warn you! It’s not for everyone and frankly, not everyone who applies is accepted. This is for people serious about accelerating their business growth and who are happy to be help accountable to implementing the ideas and actions we discuss every month.

 But if you are accepted, you’ll be able to access some of the best and brightest minds in business today and make some powerful new contacts, friends and promotional partners all who want to see you reach the next level in your business.

If you understand that success in life is about WHAT you know and DO plus WHO you know…Multiplied by WHO KNOWS YOU then 
the F12 Mastermind maybe just the high performing group you have been looking for.

Just 12 of our Highly Successful F12 Members over the years

Nick Carlile

Shepherd Cox Group

Jeff Lermer

JLA Accountants

Nicola Whiting

Titania Security Software

Michael Dong

Investar Property Group

Steve Shore

Shorade Accident Repair

Sheena Marsh

Oxford Garden Design

Alastair Broom


Aidan Meller

Aidan Meller Galleries

Jane Quinn


Theo Van Dort

Inclusive Video

Lee Kennedy

KVF Consultants

David Duffett

“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room!” - Joe Polish
Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Over the last 15 years I've trained thousands of entrepreneurs just like you and helped them to grow and scale their companies so they experience more freedom, greater financial returns and more time with their families.

I've been privileged to Mentor and Coach some of the most successful entrapeneurs in their industries and over that time I've become very aware that they all shared the following 5 elements on their journey to success.

 1) Strategies and Systems they could follow that were proven to beat their competition.
 2) Coaches who helped develop them as Leaders and Learners.
 3) Action takers who are happy to be held Accountable to get more done!
 4) Learning to use the power of Leverage to magnify their results.
 5) Energising Environments that give them the Endurance to see it through to the end.

If you're reading this then you already sense that there is far more potential to be tapped into personally and within your business. So let me share with you my vision and motivations for setting up the F12 Mastermind.

You see I wanted to create a UK Mastermind I would want to pay to attend! One that attracted business owners who were already successful, but who wanted to shift to the next level of performance, productivity and profitability. Who understood the value saving time with proven ideas and who could execute on what they learned quickly to get fast feedback. 

I based it on the formula outlined by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, then incorporated my years of experience working with fast growth coaching clients and finally added in 2 world class experiential events with our 2 Day Marketing Summit and 4 Day Leadership Retreat in sunny Spain. 

The fact that the vast majority of members stay with us for 3/4 years speaks of the consistent value they receive personally and to the growth they deliver to their individual businesses.

I hope you get an opportunity to experience is as it really is unlike an other business growth program on the market today. I look forward to talking with you to see if we are a good fit for each other.
Paul Avins is an Award Winning Business Growth Expert and Author who's advice and coaching on Leadership, Teams and Sales
 has been requested by:
 BBC Radio & BBC 2 Dragons
The Daily Telegraph
Oxford Brookes / University 
The Franchise Association
Don't take our word for it, here are what just two of our members have to say about being part of the F12 Mastermind...
What You Will Receive from Being in the F12 Mastermind
A key part of every F12 Mastermind Meeting is where Paul delivers a powerful 2 hour business training session. These 12 modules build into a comprehensive blueprint of specific workbooks covering all the areas of your business that you can revisit over and over again as you scale and grow. 
1. Strategy
You can't SCALE your business without the right strategy in place. It should be on one page, be able to be communicated to your whole team and help everybody have clarity on what to say "No" to as well as "Yes!". 
F12 gives you that plan to grow.
2. Support
Being in business for yourself can be an isolating journey, after all who can you share your worries and fears with? Your Team? Your Friends? Your life Partner? Thats why we all need a safe place to share and get support from people like you. 
3. Systems
You may have a great Product or Service but without great systems any attempt to SCALE will be destined to fail! Strong systems should Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money and be the oil that keep your business running smoothly.
4. Success
We all want more Success but very few of us understand that success is a process. It takes takes time, effort and yes work. Anybody can get enthusiastic in the moment but it takes endurance and effort to see it through to the results you want.
Who is this Mastermind for? Is it what You have been looking for?
  • £500K Turnover: You've proven you have a real business now you want to take it to the next level and grow to £1m+ without running out of cash!
  • £1m+ Turnover: You've reached the limits of your knowledge and want new ideas on marketing, systems and building a management team.
  • £10m+ Turnover: You're at a place where you need time to reflect, review and refocus on the bigger opportunities while being challenged to grow.
Limited to just 12 Businesses - Download Your Free Growth Tools Now
Click the green button below to download a free copy of the F12 Growth Accelerator ebook PLUS receive  3x £1million Secrets Audio Interviews with Highly Successful Members (includes PDF Transcripts)...
The F12 Mastermind Event Schedule for 2018
MonthlyAccountability and Action Meetings

Watch the Video to see Steve Shore explain the value he gets from attending these monthly meetings (member for 4 years).
The 2 Day Customer & Marketing Summit
This is an amazing annual 2-Day Multi-Speaker Marketing Event in April.

With the world of marketing changing so quickly and so much to keep on top of we bring in top experts in the fields of Digital Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click, Funnel Building, Customer Journey, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to name just a few. 


Watch Hugh and Alex explain how the Marketing Summit helped them build their brand and their business (members for 2 years)

The Goal of this event is simple - to help members get more customers!
Watch Aidan Meller explain his true feelings about attending the
F12 Growth Retreat (Member for 4 years)
4 Day Leadership Growth Retreat - Spain
“Your next BIG idea or Breakthrough Strategy will not come to you while you are sat at your desk. You need to be in an environment that inspires you to think at a higher level.” Paul Avins

That's why we take all our members on a 4-Day Growth Retreat
 to a 5 Star Hotel in Marbella in September as part of F12.

Here are the 7 Reasons the F12 Retreat is so Powerful:
1) Reflect and Reshape their Vision
2) Energising Environment
3) Thinking Time away from Business
4) Refuel Your desire and Refocus
5) Engaging Education to grow your skills
6) Actionable Activities, sometimes by the pool!
7) Transformational Targets

Plus your Bed and Breakfast is included in your Membership!
Christmas Celebration and Awards Dinner
Our December meeting is followed by a 3-course Christmas Celebration and Awards dinner with dancing until late with a live band.

These are the 2017 Award Winners:
Turnaround of the Year – Sheena & Paul Marsh, Oxford Garden Design
Marketer of the Year – Alastair Broom, Garageflex
Team of the Year – Rosemary & Neil Folker, Norwich Chiropractic
Business of the Year – Michael Dong, Investar Property Group

We also recognised those members who have gone through some particularly challenging times over the year but survived with our
“I survived Awards”…
Adam Gildersleeve, Latent Light
Jerry Salmon and John Edwards, Robert Stanley Opticians
“Where you will be 2/3 years time will depends on the strategies you learn, the people you associate with and the consistent actions you take to build your business.” - Paul Avins
Just a Few of Our F12 Mastermind Member's Experiences 
“I have worked with Paul for a number of years and his F12 mastermind group is one of his best! You get Paul’s undoubted wisdom – and he really knows how to get into your business– but you also get excellent contributors from his vast network who bring in their specialist knowledge, but most important, you get 11 other business buddies to tap into throughout the programme. 

It is invaluable if you want to accelerate the growth of your business to scale or sell it”.

Alastair Broom, Garageflex (Member for 3 Years)
”I have been a member of F12 for 2 years and the investment I have gained both, professionally, personally and for my business has been exceptional.  The skills, knowledge and confidence I have acquired has enabled me to challenge processes, attitudes and dynamics of my team and business, leading to the identification and creation of opportunities that have broken sector norms, resulting in growth and development both financially and reputationally for the business.  More specifically, challenging perceptions of my industry, learning new business strategies and improving my business acumen has opened up new markets through joint ventures, realising the potential of partnerships and the value of networking.  Being part of F12 also provides a network of support and trust with like minded business leaders of whom are always on hand to guide and mentor through the tough times and the good  times.  For Beaufort Care Group F12 as been part of our journey to success and I am proud and privileged to be part of such an awesome community.”

Amanda Goodenough, Beaufort Care Group (Member for 3 Years)

Highly Successful Experts have Coaches
“I have known Paul for over 10 years and he's helped me build a number of highly successful property businesses. The 2 years I spent as part of the F12 Mastermind were filled with so many strategies and tactics that there are too many to mention. One strategy I learned in the second month of being involved has delivered literally hundreds of thousands of pounds of Investment from my existing network of clients. I’ve made some great friendships and done some amazing business.”

Nick Carlile, Shepherd Cox Group (Member for 2 Years) Expert Property Investor, Author
About Paul Avins & Becky Tegg
Paul Avins is known as one of the most sought after Business Growth Coaches, Mastermind Mentors and Trusted Sales Experts in the World today.   Over his 15 year career he has become famous for creating Dynamic Business Growth Programs that accelerate his client’s Sales, Profits and Success without high pressure sales techniques, short term tricks or get rich gimmicks.

Paul has been at the forefront of the business coaching industry since it arrived in the UK and set about demonstrating his skills helping his clients to SCALE their companies quickly and sustainably. 

His passion for continued learning mixed with his desire to help people unlock their true potential have been drivers for him to create programs that deliver powerful, predictable growth for clients.

Paul is the author of 5 Business books including, Business SOS, Secrets of the Wealth Accelerators, Mastermind You way to Millions and The Authority Guide to Trusted Selling. A sort after keynote speaker he's share the stage with David Gold, Rachael Elnaugh, James Cann & Jeffery Archer. 

He is also the CEO of Team Dynamics Global which has become the world’s No1 Partner for Talent Dynamics working with over 2,500 high performing Leaders and Teams. Paul believes that for a business to scale and reach its full potential it must master the skill of building high performing teams that can sell, serve customers and support the owners vision.

Becky is Paul's right hand woman and is responsible for organising all the events and making sure that all the members get every resource, template and growth tool covered in the meetings. She is also responsible for finding the amazing venues we use and for making sure all the Dynamic members book in their Power Coaching Calls with Paul - not an easy job!!

With a background in Event Management and Marketing, Becky has worked with Paul for over 10 years and brings her "Steel" System Skills and love of fun events to our F12 Community.

Limited to just 12 Businesses - Download Your Free Grow Tools Now
Click the green button below to download a free copy of the F12 Growth Accelerator ebook PLUS receive  3x £1million Secrets Audio Interviews with Highly Successful Members (includes PDF Transcripts)...